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New Actaea Sea Shore Mala Necklace


“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”
~ e.e. cummings

A visit to the beach always leaves you feeling alive and cleansed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The combination of sun, sea, and sand is the most natural and easily accessible form of therapy available to mankind. There is no better feeling of calmness and peace than walking barefoot on the sand, feeling the sea or ocean waves crash softly and tenderly on your toes.

Actaea, from the Greek word for sea shore, is one of the Nereids in Greek mythology. The Nereids were sea nymphs and goddesses of the sea’s rich bounty. They represent various characteristics of the sea from sea foam to sand, rocks, waves, and currents.

The Actaea mala is hand knotted with 108 beads and a Quartz guru bead. It is perfect for meditation and deep personal reflection. It is meant to bring calmness, peace, and tranquility of mind.

Approximately 44” in length, the necklace also has an approximately 2” focal bead and a 3.5” silk tassel.  The Actaea mala is made with 108 8mm beads with square beads marking the 27th count in the necklace.

🐚 Unlock the power of these gemstones:

  • Turquoise striped Agate promotes self-acceptance and confidence.
  • Amazonite carries the power of relaxation and balance.
  • Quartzite stabilizes positive changes.
  • Seashell enables the gain of clarity and insight.
  • Pink Aventurine can impart a wonderful sense of well-being.
  • Clear Quartz increases awareness, clarity, and provides patience.
  • Opalite gives off a calming and relaxing energy.
  • Jade calms and restores.
  • Blue Crazy Lace Agate promotes laughter and optimism.


🐚 What do you think of our new Actaea Sea Shore Mala?

🐚 Doesn’t it have such a peaceful and relaxing energy?

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Ultraviolet Mala

Ultraviolet is the official Pantone color of 2018. Inspired by this beautiful color, we wanted to celebrate ultraviolet with a new 108 Mala which aims to activate the Crown Chakra with purple and white – Amethyst and Quartz.

💜 Violet Color Meaning 💜

Violet combines the calmness of blue and the fierceness of red. It rarely occurs in nature and therefore it is often seen as having sacred meaning. It has a variety of effects on the mind including uplifting the spirit, calming the mind and the nerves, creating feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity. Violet is associated with spirituality, the sacred, the higher self. It helps align oneself with the whole of the universe.

🕉️ Crown Chakra 🕉️

Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is associated with the transcendence of our personal limitations. When the Crown Chakra is in sync, it generates a sense of spiritual bliss and peace. It is the seventh chakra and it is at the top of the so called “chakra ladder,” at the crown of the head.

The energy of the Crown Chakra allows the experience of serenity, joy, and of deep peace about life.

Approximately 44” in length, the necklace also has a 2” focal bead and a 3.5” silk tassel.
The Ultraviolet Mala is made with 108 8mm beads:
+‎Light purple Jade
+‎Matte clear Quartz & Rutilated Golden Quartz
+‎Purple Striped Agate & Agate Focal Bead
+‎Purple plated crystal Swarowski beads


💜 Unlock the power of these gemstones: 💜

Amethyst with its beautiful violet shades represents the Crown Chakra and it is the birth stone of people born in February, including all the Aquarius and Pisces babies.♒ ➕ ♓

Clear white Quartz represents the secondary color of the Crown Chakra. Clear Quartz is not associated with any specific zodiac, but it can be associated with all of the signs. The combination of Amethyst and clear Quartz makes this mala the perfect present for any of your Aquarius and Pisces friends and relatives. ♒ ➕ ♓

💜 Amethyst
+ It is a meditative and calming stone which promotes calmness​, balance, and peace.
+ ‎It brings emotional stability and inner strength.
+ It is a powerful and protective stone.
+ ‎It guards against harm, stress, and ill wishes from others.
+ It relieves stress and strain, it balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.
+ ‎It alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.
+ ‎It has strong healing and cleansing powers.
+ ‎It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation.
+ ‎It encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

💜 Quartz
+ It is said to amplify thought and energy.
+ ‎It may also absorb and store energy, it draws away all types of negative energy
+ ‎It revitalizes and balances the emotional, mental and spiritual energies.
+ ‎It cleanses the soul on a deep level.
+ ‎Clear Quartz stimulates positive thoughts.
+ ‎It increases awareness, clarity, and provides enhanced energy, perseverance and patience.
+ ‎It teaches one to live, laugh and love.

💜 Agate
+ It is a stone of meditation and spiritual transformation.
+ ‎It works on the Crown Chakra.
+ ‎It assists in allowing trust with your own intuition
+ ‎It opens yout spirituality to endless possibilities.
+ ‎It gives you the space to be your ultimate spiritual self and it clears the mind for extraordinary vision and insight.
+ ‎Agate is a powerful healing stone and it can strengthen the link between mind and body.
+ ‎It can impart a sense of strength and courage.
+ ‎It can enhance the effects of other stones.



💜 Quote 💜

“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”
~ K.T. Jong

🕉️ Mantra/Affirmation 🕉️


OM is the mantra of acceptance and it allows energy to flow openly and freely through you.

“I am complete.”

“I am significant.”

A closed Crown Chakra brings feelings of insignificance and disconnect from spirituality. It may also lead to an overly strong attachment to possessions, relationships, and the physical world.

Some find that silence is a more effective practice for opening the crown chakra but OM may be used to open it as well.



p.s. This information represents a research from multiple sources and it does not reflect my own singular and personal knowledge.

* Photo by Jorge Rojas on Unsplash


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The Inspiration behind the new Dark goddess Mala necklace

The Dark Goddess Mala is inspired by the Hindu deity Kali and aims to bring to its wearer:

  • Clarity
  • Protection
  • Objectivity
  • Courage
  • Order

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~ e.e. cummings

Kali, whose name comes from the word ‘time’ in Sanskrit, cleanses the old and make way for the new. She brings death of the ego and of the blinding self-centered view of reality. She empowers us to reach our full potential.

Kali is described as carrying a sword of knowledge with which she slices through delusions and frees us from any limitations. She has a necklace made out of heads which symbolizes the ego and a skirt made of human arms. Kali is often portrayed as black or dark blue in color. She has four arms. Her eyes are red, filled with rage. She has fangs and a split tongue.

Illustration by Junior Beckley

Despite of her terrible form, Kali is often considered the kindest and is also seen as a great protector against evil and negative energy. Kali provides clarity and insight which help us to firmly make decisions, to let go of fantasy, and to move toward the truth.

Affirmation/ Mantra

“I let go of worries or emotions that drain me.”

Let go of worries and emotions which clog up your mind and fog your heart. Release all negative emotions and be open to love and goodness. Don’t allow the ego to get attached to negative thoughts or feelings.

“My heart is open and my mind is clear.”

Remind yourself to let go of any negativity. Let go of judgement. Open your heart and see the goodness in the world and you will free your mind to be clear and focused.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this article reveals a little bit of the process and inspiration behind making this necklace. Check out the Dark Goddess Mala available now in our Etsy shop!

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Inspiration behind the New Agni Bliss of Inner Fire mala necklace

“… Be aflame in your hearts and create with love!”


Inspired by the Agni, one of the most important Vedic deities, the Bliss of Inner Fire necklace is made with the power of flame in mind.

Agni represents the vital spark of life and is therefore a part of all living things. Agni was said to be the son of ten mothers who were also sisters and who symbolize the ten fingers of the human hands. Another story suggests that Agni consumed his parents when he was born – a reference to how fire born out of two sticks rubbed together quickly burns and consumes them. Agni is described with two faces, suggesting both his destructive and beneficent qualities, with golden teeth, six eyes, seven hands, four horns, three legs, and seven fiery tongues. His skin is red. He has long black hair and eyes. He rides a ram and seven rays of light emanate from his body.

agni godAs an embodiment of fire, Agni can represent destruction and insatiable desires. However, Agni can also symbolize the natural ever awake inner will which aspires for the highest knowledge, for wisdom, for light. It is transformation through life time, energy, and action. Agni is a reminder to do everything with passion and to strive for more. It is a symbol of life and activity.

Agni is deeply connected to the earth because his birth brought light into the darkness. The earthy shades of the Agni Bliss of Inner Fire mala remind of this connection with gemstones like Snakeskin Jasper, Onyx, and Quartz. Snakeskin Jasper, for example, is a stone of courage and determination. Just like a snake, it allows the wearer to get rid of old patterns and habits and to embrace change. On the other hands, Gold Quartz, Fire Agate, and Carnelian remind of the fiery power of Agni. They enhance personal power, courage, and vitality.


With the use of the Agni Bliss of Inner Fire mala in meditation the practitioner can awaken confidence, energy, and vitality. The necklace represents enlightenment, disappearance of empty illusions and destruction of fears. It is approaching life and whatever it may bring with no fear.


Image and thanks to Ancient History Encyclopedia