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Hello World!

Colorful pebbles stones

In our first post we would like to introduce our shop and share the reasons why it was created.
A Little Bead Shop was conceived out of love for handmade jewelry. We love everything about it! We like to buy it, we like to wear it, and mostly we love to make it!
Every handmade piece of jewelry is quite unique. We are especially fond of gemstones. Natural gemstone beads are one of a kind and beautiful. Adding them together makes amazing pieces of jewelry. We love the fact that handmade jewelry is, duh!, jewelry made with hands, meaning that each item requires an involvement by the maker and it is therefore imbued with energy and significance.
Furthermore, gemstones possess metaphysical qualities that can be greatly beneficial and healing. We are quite interested in – borderline obsessed with – these qualities and how combining different gemstones can create a bracelet or a necklace that can increase inner peace, help with emotional trauma, or protect against negative energy. Simply amazing! Nature is simply amazing. Respect.

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